Why Shouldn’t Children Be Allowed to Benefit from Pediatric Dentistry?

Why Shouldn’t Children Be Allowed to Benefit from Pediatric Dentistry?

May 01, 2020

If cardiac patients can benefit from visiting a cardiologist and cancer patients achieve similar benefits by visiting an oncologist why is it that children are often taken to the family dentist rather than a clinic specializing in offering dentistry for children? Why is it that parents of children are unconcerned about dental care for kids when they are aware that pediatric dentists can offer better treatment for the child? Perhaps it is because of the belief that children will lose their baby teeth by the age of five or six and therefore providing them specialized attention is just a waste of money.

Parents must overcome their misconceptions and begin searching for a children’s dental Center the moment the newborn arrives in their homes. A family dentist can certainly provide general dental care for all members of the family including children but the dentist is not a professional dealing exclusively with children and has little knowledge of how to manage children in difficult situations which are often the case during dental or any visits to a medical professional. Therefore it is suggested that parents pay proper attention to kids’ dental because it can mean the difference between the child having good oral and overall health or suffering from problems that will be difficult to manage.

What Precisely Is Dentistry for Children?

Dentistry for children is managed by professionals that receive additional education and training after completing dental school to provide dental care for kids from infancy through their teenage years. Children with special needs are also attended by pediatric dentists. These professionals are dedicated to the oral health of children and are qualified to care for a child’s teeth and gums throughout different stages of their childhood.

Children begin developing their baby teeth during the first six months and by the age of six and seven their baby teeth begin to fall off for permanent teeth to erupt. This is the stage when children can face the problem of oral decay and disease that can leave behind a lifetime of complications and pain. Presently childhood dental caries which is an infectious disease is more common among children than asthma or hayfever.

What Can of Treatments Can Pediatric Dentists Provide?

Providing comprehensive oral healthcare for children is the job of pediatric dentists who can provide children with many treatments including:

Conducting oral health exams on infants to assess the risk of caries in both the mother and the child.

  • Preventive dental care such as cleaning and fluoride treatments along with nutrition and diet recommendations.
  • Counseling for habits such as the use of a pacifier or thumbsucking.
  • Assessing orthodontic issues in the early stages and correcting an improper bite.
  • Repairing tooth defects and cavities.
  • Diagnosing oral conditions associated with problems like diabetes, asthma, congenital heart effect, hayfever, and ADHD.
  • Managing gum diseases and other conditions which may include ulcers, pediatric periodontal disease, short frenulum, and mucoceles.
  • Caring for dental injuries such as fractures, knocked out teeth, or displaced teeth.

Finding a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are practicing in different locations including private practices, medical centers, and dental schools. Parents searching for a pediatric dentist can consult the child’s pediatrician for a recommendation to locate a pediatric dentist near them.

Pediatric Dentists Can Provide Children the Best Care

Children with dental problems are difficult to treat just like adults and are not always patient and cooperative during dental exams. Examining children with methods that will make them comfortable is a quality acquired by pediatric dentists who make use of equipment that is specially designed and offices that have been arranged for and decorated keeping children in mind.

Burlington pediatric dentistry can offer a variety of treatment options along with expertise and training to care for children’s teeth, gums, and mouth. When your pediatrician recommends your child receive a dental exam you can rest assured that a pediatric dentist will provide the child with the best care possible.

Parents must provide enough attention to the dental care of kids from the time they observe the first tooth erupting. Waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt before taking the child to a pediatric dentist will be too late as the child may already have developed dental problems undetected by the parents or the family dentist. A pediatric dentist is a qualified professional who is an expert at identifying problems with children’s teeth and should, therefore, be entrusted to provide the best dental care for children.

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