Tooth Extractions In Burlington, ON

Unfortunately, there are times in a person’s life where to get the help they need to alleviate dental pain, and a tooth must be removed. Tooth extractions in Burlington, ON, are always a treatment that is the last resort of any good dentist near you. At Harbourview Dental in Burlington, we understand the problems that can lead to the loss of a tooth and will do anything we can to prevent having to remove the tooth. That said, there are often situations where a patient can’t go on treating a tooth, and it would be in their best interest to have it removed.

What is the Way Tooth Extractions are Performed?

When a tooth extraction is performed, our goal at Harbourview Dental in Burlington is to do so with as much discretion and painlessness as possible. The first step is to numb the patient up. Depending on the different modalities available, this could be with a local numbing agent. If multiple options are available, we will give the patient a choice. Next, we will try to remove the tooth with forceps. If it is stubborn, then we will use the drill to cut the tooth in half and quickly get it out of the mouth. This is all done long after the area is numbed.

Who Would Need Tooth Extractions?

Lots of people need extractions for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is people who don’t get treatment for a problem tooth. If an infection develops that gets into the tooth itself, the tooth must be removed to prevent the spread of infection. Other reasons could be trauma. If part of a tooth is knocked out, removing the remnants of the tooth will help the area heal quicker. The good news is, after an extraction, there are lots of different things that can be done to put a prosthetic tooth in place replicating the tooth that used to occupy that space.


The last thing we ever want to do is extract a tooth, but sometimes it must happen. Give us a call at Harbourview Dental in Burlington, ON, so we can help you keep your tooth or provide a dental implant after an extraction. Consult our dentist near you about wisdom tooth removal by visiting our dental clinic.

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