Preventive Dentistry In Burlington, ON

Modern preventive dentistry in Burlington, ON, is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth. Preventative dental care at Harbourview Dental helps you keep your natural teeth. In addition, you will likely need fewer dental treatments. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are the two main causes of tooth loss. Therefore, it is best to prevent these problems or stop them in their tracks. When you and your dentist near you, work as a team, you can avoid the need for dental restorations and tooth extractions.

Preventive Dentistry in Burlington

Patients of all ages will benefit from preventive dentistry in Burlington, ON. Even people who have lost all of their teeth should keep up with preventive care. As a matter of fact, patients without teeth are still susceptible to gum disease, mouth cancer, and denture stomatitis. These issues can be detected and treated during a routine dental exam.

Your dentist in Burlington will first inspect your teeth and gums and discuss any necessary treatments. Next, all tartar and plaque will be thoroughly removed from each tooth. The goal is to achieve optimal mouth health. The healthiest teeth and gums are free of any decay or disease.

Oral Care Education

The dentist near you, at Harbourview Dental will provide instructions on how to brush and floss properly. You may also be advised on the best ADA-approved oral care products on the market. We will also talk about your daily diet, any bad habits, such as clenching and grinding, chewing on objects, drinking alcohol and smoking.

At your visit, your dentist will also check the integrity of all fillings and other dental restorations. At this time, anything missing, worn down or damaged can be replaced.

Preventive Dentist in Burlington

Our preventive dentist near you, at Harbourview Dental will recommend ways to safeguard your oral health and strengthen your teeth. For instance, if you crack a tooth, or if one is in danger of breaking, you may be told that a filling or an onlay is the best solution. Being proactive with preventive dentistry in Burlington, ON, is always better than having a Dental emergency.

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