Dental Veneers In Burlington, ON

If you have a problem with the look of your smile, you can count on Harbourview Dental to provide you with dental veneers that improve the look of your teeth. Burlington dentists near you can apply porcelain veneers that are customized to the look of your teeth, transforming your smile and increasing your confidence. If you have any problems with your smile, speak with your dentist about the ways you can enhance your look.

Improve the Color & Appearance of Teeth

If you don’t like the colour of your teeth or look of your teeth, dental veneers in Burlington, ON, are an excellent way to fix any minor cosmetic issues you may have. If teeth have been chipped or cracked in any way, you can hide these with professional veneers. Discoloration can also be fixed, giving your teeth a beautiful shine and making it look as though you’ve had your teeth whitened. They can be applied to a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your visible teeth.

Preserve Tooth Structures

Other cosmetic methods, such as the application of a Dental crown, a significant amount of tooth enamel may need to be removed. When this happens, there is no way to rebuild the enamel if you decide you do not want the crown anymore. Veneers don’t require the removal of much enamel, so your tooth structure is preserved. Your dentist will only need to remove enough enamel for the veneer to fit comfortably on the tooth.

Beautify Your Smile

Veneers are a fast and simple cosmetic dentistry treatment that can give you a beautiful smile that looks healthy and bright. In just two dental visits, you can fix any discolouration, chips, cracks, and other imperfections in your teeth. Veneers can either be porcelain or composite material, depending on your budget and the recommendation of your dentist as well as your personal preference.

If you’d like to beautify your smile and stop hiding your teeth in photos, give Harbourview Dental in Burlington a phone call to schedule an appointment and discuss the appearance of your teeth with our dental expert. Be proud of your smile and show off your teeth with dental veneers in Burlington, ON.

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