Dental Exams & Cleanings In Burlington, ON

One of the keys to having great dental health is staying ahead of any problems. This is most effectively done with examinations and cleanings. Dental Exams and cleanings in Burlington, ON, are a routine part of any dental practice and involve several basic procedures. There are lots of great benefits to having dental exams and teeth cleanings because of how they promote proper dental health. The team at Harbourview Dental in Burlington knows exactly how to perform the regular check-up so that your teeth are healthy and if there is a problem, it’s nipped before it becomes a big issue.

Why Do Patients Need Exams & Cleanings?

The reason why patients need dental exams and teeth cleanings is that these procedures ensure that patients are always ahead of any issues. Plaque can build up in a number of places that a toothbrush doesn’t effectively reach, and the dentist or hygienist will do the necessary work to ensure that teeth are cleaned and healthy. Patients taking proper care of their teeth will have an exam and cleaning every six months. This will arrest the development of plaque and if there are cavities developing, the teeth cleaning will help prevent the cavity from growing into a major problem by allowing the dentist to catch it early.

How are Exams & Cleanings Performed?

Dental Exams and cleanings in Burlington, ON, usually start with x-rays. The dentist or hygienist will take x-rays to confirm the health of the teeth along with seeing the differences between the previous x-rays and the current ones. Next, the hygienist or dentist will use a variety of tools to remove plaque from the teeth. This generally takes about twenty minutes or so. Afterward, many dentists and hygienists will have a patient have a fluoride treatment for another five minutes. This promotes the health and wellness of the teeth for the long term.


Every patient should have a teeth cleaning once every six months. This is the optimal way to make sure that teeth remain healthy. Give us a call at Harbourview Dental in Burlington so that we can make sure your teeth are in the best shape every six months.

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