Know these facts before going for a dental implant!

Know these facts before going for a dental implant!

Sep 01, 2019

Tooth decay or other related issues can be disheartening. It might even lead to the loss of a tooth. But there are various options to keep your smile intact. Dental implants are one amongst them.

What are dental implants?

In simple terms, they are the artificial roots of a tooth. Generally made up of titanium, dental implants lay a durable foundation for replaced tooth or teeth. Dental implants may either be complete or partial. The former is used when you have no natural teeth left in your mouth. While the latter is fit for people who still have some teeth left.

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Some facts about dental implants

Dental implants are considered one of the best tooth replacement solutions. If you are thinking of visiting a dental implants dentist, you should be aware of some facts.

  • Success rate: Dental implants have a high rate of success. Numerically speaking more than 95% of dental implants are successful. Talk to any dentist and they will tell the same story. But it also depends on the oral health of the patient.

  • Dental care centres like Harbourview Dental have highly qualified dental implants dentists. They will assess whether or not a dental implant will be the right option for you. Only then they will proceed with the treatment.

  • Natural appearance: Everyone wants to have natural-looking teeth. It builds up inner self-confidence of a person. Dental implants are designed in such a manner that it provides the look of a natural tooth. The process is simple. The dentist removes the damaged tooth first. Thereafter, he places the dental implant into your gums. Soon after that, a tooth which looks very similar to the original one is fixed upon it.

  • With dental implants, your smile and self-esteem will remain protected forever.

  • Comfort and ease: You might be worried about the whole tooth replacement process. With other procedures, consuming food becomes difficult. But dental implants will help you remain comfortable. They adjust quite soon. And once fixed they only take a few days to assist you in enjoying your favourite food items.

  • If you are looking for dental implants in Burlington, Ontario, Harbourview Dental might be the place for you. They examine your oral medical history first. And then proceed on with the treatment keeping your individual needs in mind.

  • Prevention from jawbone loss: Apart from the abovementioned benefits, dental implants can keep your jawbone healthy. A damaged or lost tooth can lead to various other consequences. One of them being the weakening of the nearby jawbone. But a dental implant can protect your jawbone. Since the dental implant helps to fit in an artificial tooth, it ensures that the surrounding area also remains well.

  • The story goes on like this. Jawbones are ultimately attached to your teeth roots. The fixing of implant deceit you jawbone to imagine that the root is existing. This leads to the development of new tissues in the nearby region. And the whole procedure keeps your jawbone intact.

  • Cost-effective treatment: One of the major concerns regarding any treatment is the expenses associated with it. Dental implants might seem expensive at first. It is so because it involves various steps. The dentist near you might end up doing your treatment in different sessions. And every session would come at its own cost. But once the whole diagnosis is done, you won’t have to spend any amount of money.

  • Dental implants require the least amount of attention. They behave like natural teeth. You just have to give them some time to adjust. After that, brush your teeth as you would have done if you had your original teeth. It is advised to visit a dental implants dentist once in a while. But such meetings are only for check-up purposes. You will soon feel comfortable with your new set of teeth.

Teeth are an important part of the human body. Healthy teeth boost up a person’s self-esteem. It thereby becomes essential to take care of them. If you think you have a cavity or worsening tooth, replacement of that tooth through implant would be a great option. Contact Harbourview Dental today to know more about the process.

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