Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist

Jul 18, 2019

You probably researched and prepared for a lot of things when your child was first born, but you may still have some questions when it comes time to take your child to the dentist. You might be wondering what the difference is between a family/general dentist and a pediatric dentist. Children’s dentists have gone through two years of specialized training after the completion of dental school and are well-prepared to care for the health of your child’s teeth. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist near you, Harbourview Dental in Burlington, ON can provide the services you need.

The benefit of training

Children’s teeth are quite different from the teeth of adults. You may think that baby teeth are not that important since they will fall out anyway. However, they are integral to the overall development of a child as they aid proper speech and create room to help the permanent teeth come in correctly later on.

When it comes to treating adults, dentists generally have to focus on just keeping their teeth free of decay and addressing any problems that arise. Dentistry for children, on the other hand, involves much more. A dentist for kids has to be concerned with not just the health of the teeth and gums, but how they affect the rest of the child’s development as well. Thanks to their specialized training, pediatric dentists are up to date on the latest techniques, allowing them to be prepared to address and prevent any developmental problems.

What the dentist does

When you visit us at Harbourview Dental to see a children’s dentist near you, you will have access to a variety of different treatment options. During an initial appointment, the dentist will usually clean the teeth and check for signs of decay. A fluoride treatment may also be a part of this visit to help strengthen the child’s tooth enamel and prevent future decay. Special treatments can also be provided during this first visit, if necessary, such as dental fillings, dental sealants, and installing space maintainers. You can have confidence that you will find the dental treatment your children need for good oral health at Harbourview Dental in Burlington, ON.

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