Is Getting Invisalign Worth It?

Is Getting Invisalign Worth It?

Jul 01, 2022

If you have crooked, Gapped, and misaligned teeth, you will likely confront problems with dental health compelling you to visit dentists near you complaining about infections. The incorrect positioning of your teeth makes it challenging for you to clean them appropriately, resulting in dental problems that require frequent treatments. You might receive advice from the dentist to have your teeth straightened by orthodontist specialists in straightening teeth.

Starting your search for orthodontic treatments, you will confront specialists offering different types of orthodontic treatments. The optimal orthodontic treatment available in the market is with metal brackets, wires, and bands mounted on your teeth for straightening them. Alternatively, you also have an invisible aligner developed for a similar purpose. When you observe the differences between the two orthodontic appliances, you undoubtedly prefer the invisible aligner because you don’t favour having a mouthful of metal for three years or more to straighten your teeth.

Many people like you are also showing similar preferences and favouring the invisible teeth straightener over traditional orthodontic braces, although conventional braces are considered the gold standard for treating crooked and misaligned teeth. In reality, more adults are currently seeking orthodontic treatments than earlier because they get a discreet technique to straighten their teeth with transparent plastic aligners fitting snugly over their teeth instead of being held by wires and bands.

Explaining Invisalign

Looking at a comfortable and transparent aligner for straightening teeth, you might think you can begin your orthodontic treatment right away without wasting time. However, it helps if you remember teeth straightening requires help from an orthodontist and is not achievable by using any appliance you think might suit your needs.

Before beginning your orthodontic treatment using the transparent aligners, you must visit the Invisalign in Burlington, ON, provider to understand whether you qualify for the treatment with the dental grade BPA-free plastic aligners. You must realize treatment with Invisalign aligners, although effective and efficient, isn’t suitable for everyone. Therefore whether you find getting Invisalign worth it or not depends on the complexity of the situation in your mouth.

Invisalign can treat most underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, crowding, and crooked and gapped teeth. However, if you have complex situations of these conditions, the Invisalign provider recommends you benefit better from traditional orthodontic treatment.

How to Determine Whether You Qualify for Invisalign Treatment?

The optimal method to determine whether you qualify for Invisalign treatment is to schedule an appointment with the Burlington provider to have your mouth assessed. After evaluating your mouth, the provider takes 3D images using an intraoral scanner that allows you to view your smile after your treatment. If you accept the treatment plan, the provider has a set of plastic aligners created explicitly for your mouth from the manufacturers, which you receive in approximately three weeks. The Invisalign provider recommends that you wear them over your teeth immediately and maintain them there for 20 to 22 hours every day. In addition, you must replace the existing aligners for your teeth with a new set every fortnight.

Invisalign aligners help you discreetly straighten your teeth because they are virtually invisible. As a result, you can move around with your friends and colleagues; confident no one will notice the aligners over your teeth.

Invisalign has a removable feature permitting you to remove the aligners from over your teeth when eating your favourite foods or having any beverages other than water. You can remove the aligners for about two hours every day before returning them to your teeth after brushing and flossing. However, the removable feature shouldn’t encourage you to move around without the aligners because it compromises your treatment and makes your teeth revert to their original positions.

If you qualify for Invisalign, you can complete your orthodontic treatment in 12 to 18 months compared to over three years required by traditional braces. In addition, you don’t have any restrictions placed upon you about giving up some foods and beverages during your treatment or maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Best of all, there are no wires and brackets in your mouth, causing discomfort because the transparent plastic aligners will likely not cause any pain.

Getting Invisalign treatment in Burlington from the local provider is undoubtedly worth it so long as you qualify for the treatment. However, you must also comply with Invisalign’s requirements to keep the aligners over your teeth for the specified number of hours and visit the provider every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and collect your fresh batch of aligners.

Invisalign benefits you tremendously and helps straighten teeth discreetly without a mouthful of metal. Therefore if you want to gain from the benefits of Invisalign, you can schedule an appointment with Harbour View Dental to confirm your eligibility and start your treatment for straightening teeth.

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