How to Care for Your Dental Fillings

How to Care for Your Dental Fillings

Aug 01, 2019

Patients at Harbourview Dental get the best dental care possible whenever they visit the office. We provide numerous dental treatments, including the application of dental fillings.

Why are Dental Fillings Necessary?

When a cavity is being treated, the decay must be removed. When it’s removed, there is often a space left in the tooth. If this isn’t filled, the tooth’s structure could be compromised. Fillings allow your dentist to restore the structure of the tooth and keep them healthy.


Gold fillings are a bit more expensive than other options, but they are strong and last for a very long time. When taken care of, you could have these fillings for over a decade without complications. They withstand constant chewing, and some patients prefer the look of gold fillings over amalgam.

Amalgam Silver

These fillings are durable, much like gold, and have the added benefit of being less expensive. One problem patients have with amalgam is that it can potentially change color over time and that the metals used contain a small amount of mercury.

Tooth-Colored Composite

Composite fillings are used for many patients because they are very cost-effective and match the look of your teeth. The color of these fillings can be customized to match the look of teeth, blending in perfectly. They also bond to the structure of the tooth after they’ve been applied, strengthening the support that your tooth gets.

Glass Ionomer

A filling made of glass ionomer is not uncommon, and they are similar to composite fillings. Glass ionomer, however, releases fluoride over time. Fluoride is found naturally in the environment and is used by dental professionals all over the world to fight tooth decay and keep teeth healthy.

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