Do Fluoride Treatment Benefit Adults with Sensitive Teeth?

Do Fluoride Treatment Benefit Adults with Sensitive Teeth?

Jan 09, 2023

Whatever we eat and drink, it eats away the minerals in the teeth. This results in demineralization and tooth decay. With time, it leads to wear and tear on the enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and exposed tooth nerves. Same as kids, a few adults also take acidic and sugary drinks and snacks frequently. It makes their tooth enamel weak.

Professional fluoride treatments are also essential for adults. They prevent the formation of cavities and other dental health problems. Fluoride naturally makes the enamel re-hard. It helps to soothe sensitivity to the tooth. Adults must get 2 to 4 fluoride treatments, depending on their general dental health.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The following factors can cause sensitivity to cold, heat, and air pressure:

  • Bad oral hygiene routine.
  • Harsh brushing of teeth.
  • Genetics.
  • Consuming a diet rich in acidic drinks and foods.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for Fluoride Treatment?

The treatment is right for people who:

  • Have weak enamel.
  • Have tooth sensitivity.
  • Have dental caries.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults with Sensitive Teeth

When the tooth enamel breaks down, it exposes the dentin layer. It consists of multiple microscopic pathways that directly lead to the tooth pulp. When the tooth nerve is exposed indirectly, the teeth get more sensitive to outside stimuli.

Sensitive teeth make a few activities challenging. For example, eating and drinking something, brushing teeth. It results in temporary pain in the teeth. Remember, teeth sensitivity is usually due to the exposed tooth roots or worn-out enamel. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity may also be due to other factors like gum diseases, chipped or cracked teeth, cavities, etc. The dental professional will determine the underlying causes of tooth pain.

As we get older, we also become more prone to dental conditions like tooth root decay, gum diseases, etc. When left unchecked, we may lose teeth. The condition may become a threat to our dental health.

The best way to eradicate tooth sensitivity and make the enamel strong is to get fluoride treatment. It reverses the process of demineralization. Getting fluoride treatment regularly can help you enhance the intake of fluoride naturally. Fluoride contains an additional electron that bonds to the calcium in the tooth. It makes the enamel coating strong.

Getting fluoride treatment in Burlington, ON restores the protective teeth layer. This makes them less sensitive to cold and hot items. Fluoride treatment is pain-free and fast and works for a long time. The dental expert performs a fluoride wash that contains a safe and high level of fluoride. It will take only a few minutes to stick to the problem-causing particles in the mouth. After a slight wash, the expert will ask you to avoid drinking or eating for at least half an hour after the fluorine application.

Studies show that topical fluoride (mouthwashes, toothpaste) and fluoride treatment helps to combat tooth decay in people of every age group. Unlike products you purchase at the store, fluoride treatments have a high fluoride level. They make the weak tooth area strong and minimize the sensitivity by providing vital minerals to the tooth structure.

During the fluoride treatment at the dental office, the professional will apply fluoride to the sensitive regions of your teeth. It minimizes the tooth stain and makes enamel strong. The expert may also recommend using prescription fluoride at home using a tailored tray.

Talk to the dentist in Burlington about your unique needs. He/she will help to determine whether you will benefit from the fluoride treatment. Few dental insurance providers will cover the cost of professional fluoride treatment. It helps to minimize the cost of this preventative treatment in the long term.

How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity?

Besides fluoride treatment, take into account the following steps:

  • Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush for brushing your teeth.
  • Visit the dentist near you every six months for dental checkups and professional cleanings.
  • Use a toothpaste containing fluoride or one specially made for sensitive teeth.
  • Avoid using at-home teeth whitening kits.
  • Do not take acidic drinks and foods.

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