Harbourview Dental provides inclusive and participative patient care. We involve our patients in the diagnosis and treatment so that they understand what is happening with their oral health. Our preventive therapy has enabled our patients to avoid expensive and more invasive treatments. You can visit our dentist in La Salle, ON, for procedures such as:

    • Emergency Dentistry

We can stop any excruciating pain following a dental emergency like smashed-out teeth. Our emergency care aims to prevent further suffering and ensure you don’t get an infection from open tissues or continue bleeding after a mouth injury. We care for knocked-out teeth, injured soft tissues, extreme toothaches, gum abscesses, and lost or broken fillings or orthodontics.

    • Teeth Whitening

When teeth stains and discoloration reach a point where they rob away your teeth’s bright appearance, we provide teeth whitening. We can reverse the staining to give you brighter, pleasant teeth.

    • Dental Implants

Losing teeth doesn’t have to destabilize and ruin your oral health, bite function, or smile look. We do dental implants to give you the sets of teeth you need. Implants provide a stable foundation for both permanent or fixed and removable replacement teeth.

    • Dental Veneers

Our La Salle dental office does veneer placement to correct flaws like discoloration, chipping, spacing problems, and uniform teeth size and shape. We offer quality, wafer-thin veneer shells that can last several years.

    • Dental Fillings

Cavitated teeth can risk having pulp infection and an abscessed tooth. Your tooth may lose its structure and get more easily breakable. Luckily, our dental fillings, done early enough, can prevent these problems. We provide tooth-colored dental fillings that are more pleasant and not easily noticeable.

    • Invisalign®

Straightening teeth can be achieved with Invisalign® treatment. Many choose Invisalign since it works quietly without others realizing you have trays in your mouth.

    • Sedation Dentistry

We have sedation dentistry to make your dental experience at our dental office more comfortable. We provide laughing gas, IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, and even deep sedation.

Visit us for La Salle dentistry services from a gentle, caring, and highly trained dentist.

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