At Harbourview Dental, we diagnose and provide tailored dental health plans based on your unique needs. We strongly emphasize preventive therapy; as such, we advise that you make a trip to our dental clinic in Glenwood every six months for preventive care. We offer sedation dentistry for a smooth, comfortable dental experience at our clinic. Among the services our Glenwood dentist office includes:

  • Exams and Cleanings : Our exams can reveal decay, gum infection, eroded enamel, and recession of gums. We also do cleanings like prophylaxis or gross debridement to keep your mouth clean and fresh.
  • Dental implants : If you don’t want to deal with gaps within your smile or wear dentures that move and slip out of place, you can consider dental implants. With tooth implants, we can give you a functional, confident smile with teeth that look just as natural.
  • Dental veneers : We recommend veneers for tooth discoloration, chipped teeth, or small gapping in your smile. Our dental veneers can correct many aesthetic dental problems.
  • Dental fillings : Our white fillings are a desirable solution over amalgam fillings when you have cavitated teeth. They are meant to look like the tooth, making it difficult to see them.
  • Emergency dentistry : Nothing can be frustrating and disturbing as a dental emergency. We can address most dental emergencies like tooth abscesses, lost orthodontics, injured soft tissue, and smashed-out teeth. We alleviate pain fast and provide a treatment plan to get you back to normal life.
  • Cosmetic dentistry : We look forward to bringing back the lost glory of your smile with our cosmetic treatments like Invisalign®, teeth whitening, veneers, and dental bonding.
  • Teeth whitening : Don’t let tooth discoloration and stains take away the pride of your beautiful smile. Come to us for in-office whitening sessions using high-strength whitening agents.
  • Invisalign®: If your teeth are protruding, crooked, overcrowded, or have improper spacing, we suggest Invisalign correct these issues. It works discreetly, allowing you a straighter bite after a few months.

Visit us at our clinic for Glenwood family dentistry services with a qualified dentist in Glenwood Park, ON!

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