Dental Procedures Made Pain-Free

Dental Procedures Made Pain-Free

Jan 01, 2020

Not visiting a dentist regularly is a common solution to the fear of dentists. The treatments are painful and people often avoid getting any treatment. You can go to the dentist regularly because the field has formulated a solution for your pain. Now you can get any scary treatment without any pain. Do you want to know how? Sedatives are the answer to this simple question.

The Burlington dentist will inject anesthesia or some other drug to numb the surgical area. You will not feel anything during the procedure. Are you scared of injections as well? Every sedative is not injected. Do not worry because sedation dentistry involves the use of laughing gas as well. You smell the gas for this purpose.

What Does Laughing Gas Do to Your Body

An odorless and colorless gas is inhaled a few minutes before the treatment. The reaction time of the body is reduced. The patient feels calm and relaxed. Dentists recommend this sedative for extremely anxious patients. It greatly reduces anxiety and treatment gets easier to perform and experience.

Harbour view dental uses laughing gas so that you can get rid of the fear of pain during treatment. In movies, a person inhales laughing gas and laughs till the stomach hurts. This is fictitious because this does not happen in real life.

Effects of Laughing Gas

Laughing gas sedation is a safe and effective method used in dental procedures. Laughing gas has some serious effects on your body. Both positive and negative effects have been stated below. Let’s take a look at the positive side of this gas first.

It takes away all the fear of dental clinic you have. It relaxes your body by slowing down the activities of your body.

Anxiety goes away in just a few minutes.

Everything around you feel good. Nothing feels bad because laughing gas creates a feeling of euphoria.

Let us check the negative effects of this treatment. Do not be scared of this gas because the negative effects are not health hazards. Here are some side effects that you should know.

You will feel drowsy for some time after the treatment. You will not remember much about the treatment. Just a few glimpses of the situation would remain.

Some patients also feel nauseous. Light-headedness is commonly found in patients.

Treatments that Need Laughing Gas Sedation

Different treatments require laughing gas sedation. Here is a list of treatments that are commonly performed under this type of sedation.

Laughing gas for fillings is common in clinics. If you want to get rid of the wisdom tooth, laughing gas for wisdom teeth is also an alternative. Dental crowns can also be performed with this sedative.

Root canal therapy, dental implants, and TMD treatments are some other treatments that allow this method of numbing.

Is Laughing Gas Safe for Kids

Laughing gas dentistry is equally safe and effective for kids as adults. The side effects are the same as well. It is in fact, a better option for the young ones because needles might scare them off. Headache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and light-headedness are the few side effects of laughing gas in children.

Are You the Right Patient for Laughing Gas

It is not appropriate to call any patient the right or wrong candidate for laughing gas sedation. This type of sedation is used in most of the treatments if the patient is anxious or scared of the treatment. It has some limitations. Dentists do not use laughing gas sedation for patients who have the following problems:

The blood pressure rises after laughing gas sedation. High blood pressure should stay away from this sedative. Dentists do not advise it either.

Heart diseases are life-threatening for the people. This sedation method can disturb blood flow. Heart patients are not recommended and should not choose laughing gas for numbing the surgical site.

Patients with diabetes and liver problems are also restricted from inhaling laughing gas. It can make the condition worse. They are given local or general anesthesia.

Laughing gas sedation needs a controlled environment. This controlled environment is provided by our dentists. We at Harbourview Dental will make sure that we have your medical history before sedation so that any health risks are avoided.

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