Choose Burlington Endodontics for High-Quality Endodontic Care

Choose Burlington Endodontics for High-Quality Endodontic Care

Jul 13, 2023

Most dentists offer excellent treatment when you visit them with most general dental issues. However, some dental problems are better treated by specialists in a specific field with thorough knowledge to help alleviate pain and discomfort inside a tooth and prevent an extraction.

If you experience excruciating pain in a specific tooth with temperature sensitivity, dental abscess, fever, facial swelling, et cetera, it indicates a tooth infection inside your tooth is better treated by the endodontist Burlington than your regular dentist.

The treatment you need to alleviate the discomfort and other symptoms of the infection indicates you need a root canal, also performed by general dentists. However, Endodontists receive additional training in treating disorders inside a tooth and are considered specialists in performing root canals. Therefore if you need high-quality endodontic care helps, it helps if you seek treatment from the Burlington endodontist for relief from the excruciating toothache.

Why Emphasize High-Quality When Seeking Endodontic Treatment

All dentists receive training in performing root canals during their years in dental school. While most dentists begin practicing immediately after graduating from dental school, Endodontists pursue further education by investing another two to three years in dental school, learning about the intricacies of teeth from the insides instead of merely looking at the teeth and gums from the exterior. As a result, endodontists are specialists in treating dental pulp infections because they have in-depth knowledge of the complicated structure of your teeth.

Endodontists invest in specialized equipment and infrastructure to view all nerves and canals inside your tooth to ensure they eradicate infections within them comprehensively if you have a dental pulp infection. In addition, Endodontists are professionals with microscopic equipment and flexible tools to navigate inside your tooth when performing a complicated root canal therapy necessitated by the dental pulp fiction in your tooth.

Root canals performed by Endodontists succeed by over 95 percent, unlike general dentists with lower success rates. Therefore if you wish to eradicate the infection inside your tooth and hope it never returns, an endodontist is a professional who can deliver more high-quality care than regular dentists. Therefore we emphasize high quality when discussing root canal treatment from Endodontists because these professionals help preserve your natural tooth from extraction.

What to Expect from Endodontists When Seeking Treatments from Them?

When you seek root canal treatment in Burlington, ON, you can expect to overcome your fear of root canals because the endodontist convinces you the treatment is no more painful than receiving a dental filling. In addition, endodontists are connoisseurs in pain management and will discuss before and after pain management techniques with you before performing a root canal.

On the day of your organized appointment, you can arrive at the Burlington dental practice fully relaxed by receiving oral conscious sedation if you are anxious about a root canal. However, expect to receive local anesthesia near the affected tooth from the endodontist to block pain impulses and make your treatment comfortable.

After numbing your mouth, expect the Burlington professional to drill your tooth to expose the infected and inflamed dental pulp for removal. Next, the professional will use flexible instruments to extract the dental pulp and remove the infected nerves. After that, they will clean the canals and disinfect them before filling them with a rubber-like biocompatible gutta-percha material to prevent reinfection. The hole created in the tooth also receives a provisional filling to protect your tooth until you restore it with a dental crown after you recover from the endodontic treatment.

Recovery from Endodontic Treatment

You can return home after getting a root canal to eradicate the infection within your tooth. However, you can expect discomfort from the therapy as the anesthesia wears off. Although you may think the pain is just as excruciating as it was from the infection, it helps if you realize the pain you experience emanates from the therapy and not the condition in your tooth. However, you receive a prescription for painkillers for 72 hours after the procedure to help with the discomfort. You also receive after-care instructions to care for the tooth, which requires approximately ten days for complete healing.

After you have recovered from the root canal therapy, you must revisit the endodontic specialist to evaluate your tooth and restore it with a porcelain dental crown from them to safeguard your tooth and use it for many years.

Endodontists are specialists in performing root canals to eradicate infections within your tooth. Therefore, if a condition inside your tooth concerns you, please contact Harbour View Dental to receive high-quality care from experienced Endodontists and have your tooth restored with a dental crown from them after your recovery.

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