An Emergency Dentist Burlington Can Trust

An Emergency Dentist Burlington Can Trust

Aug 16, 2019

Broken and Cracked Teeth

Dental injuries are common for patients, especially when they play sports or participate in physical activities of any kind. Accidents can also cause teeth to become injured, requiring care from an emergency dentist at Harbourview Dental. In our office, you can get care for broken teeth as well as cracked or otherwise damaged teeth.

How We Repair Broken and Cracked Teeth

Our dental team is highly skilled at repairing damaged teeth. We will examine the damage that has occurred to your tooth and use it to plan an effective treatment plan and restore the health of your teeth and the function of your bite.

Repairing Breaks

When a tooth becomes broken, it can cause severe pain and trouble when eating, drinking, or speaking. Repairing a broken tooth should be done as soon as possible at a dentist office near you, as breaks can cause even more damage to the tooth or surrounding teeth in the mouth. Broken teeth are often fixed using a crown, which covers the entire exposed portion of teeth and sometimes their roots as well.

Repairing Cracks

A crack or fracture in a tooth often occurs from either the chewing surface of teeth or at the root of teeth. They can be severely painful and result in persistent discomfort that isn’t alleviated by pain medications. Cracks can also allow bacteria to enter the tooth, which can lead to infections. To avoid problems with your oral health, cracks must be repaired.

An x-ray will be performed to determine how extensive the damage is and help your dentist in Burlington, ON, come up with an effective plan of action. Depending on where the crack is, the filling material may be used to restore the structure of the tooth. Veneers or a crown may also be recommended.

Call Your Emergency Dentist Today

To speak with an emergency dentist near me about your oral health, schedule an appointment at Harbourview Dental. We can discuss your oral health and how to handle a dental emergency until you can reach an emergency dentist in Burlington.

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